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Download LET THEM HAVE DOMINION Part 3 Apostle Joshua Selman 8/7/22

Dominion is knowledge-dependent (high-level spiritual illumination). It entails your ability to know what it is written in the Scriptures for you. If you lack knowledge of the Scriptures and the promises of God, you are far from exerting dominion.
If you want to walk in dominion, you must understand the Modus operandi of Heaven.
You have not found many things because you have closed the book.
Ordinance is the system set up by God Himself to guarantee dominion.
What is an Ordinance?
– An ordinance is a law set forth by a governmental authority.
– An ordinance is a decree.
– An ordinance is an authorized pathway or approach. Anytime you walk in keeping the ordinances of heaven, the resultant effect will be dominion.
In this Sermon, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches on the Ordinances of Heaven that Controls Dominion and how believers can strengthen their dominion in the kingdom.

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