November 2nd, 2022
I have always been quite active on Facebook, but I never really understood or saw the power of Facebook Groups until this year when I started taking it seriously. I have always been an inactive member of many valuable Facebook Groups, I do not post nor do I engage in the posts of others.
Over the little period that I have taken Facebook groups seriously, I have been able to gain new paying clients, and I have gotten new students for my coaching programs. And I have increased the influence of my brand as a content writer and a writing coach. And today I want to share with you how you can benefit from being a member of a Facebook Group.
Step One: Understand the Purpose of the Group and read their Rules
A lot of people just join a group, they do not understand what the group is about nor do they know the group rules. Go through the group description. Understand why the founder of the group created the group. This will help you know if your kind of post is needed at all in the group.
You cannot join a Relationship Group and start posting about Copywriting, your posts will not be approved. So get acquainted with the purpose of the group and its rules and obey them.
Step Two: Post Valuable Content Consistently
Visibility is one of the keys to building influence. If you are not visible, nobody will know you. The people who get noticed are those who make the loudest noise. That is why big brands spend money on advertising. To get noticed in a Facebook group, you have to post consistently. And your content must be valuable, it must add value to the reader.
This will draw more people to you. When I started posting valuable content every week, I got new message requests and new friend requests. People will want to know you more. This helps you to build influence.
But a little warning here. Do not just post for the sake of posting. It is better to have two high-quality content in a week than to have 10 low-quality content in a week. Value is key!
Step Three: Engage in other People’s Posts by liking and commenting.
The third and final step to building influence on a Facebook Group is to Like and comment on the valuable post of others. And please do not do comments like: “Well done”, “Nice write-up” and that kind of thing. They do not draw attention.
To draw the attention of the reader and others to your comment. You have to read the post, pick out what you learned and comment specifically on that. You can even explain further or offer your thoughts. But be respectable and do not try to belittle the opinion of the author of the post.
These three simple steps when done consistently will build influence for you in a Facebook Group. People will keep seeing your name and this offers you more visibility and a channel to reach other people with your brand.
So what are you waiting for? Go and build influence and get those clients that have been waiting for your products and services.
Chijioke Chukwuekem


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