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November 17th, 2022

Our gifts are  tools that are made for our dominion and to build our capacity to fulfill what God intends. Meanwhile, any gift can be given to you but until light comes to unveil it, you cannot effectively operate the gifts. When gifts are operated, they have the authority and capacity to challenge darkness and to blot it out.

One of the things the Holy Spirit made available with your giftings is the anointing.
The anointing make room for expertise as every anointing has an errand that it is designed to accomplish. God’s plan for His children is to stand out, to be a unique advertisement of God’s manifold power that is in each of us, and so the anointing is made available to manifest brighter, the uniqueness of God in your life.
Hence, You will need God as light to understand the anointing you carry, for if you do not have the details of your anointing, you will not go far in life. The extent to which you work on the anointing that God has given you is the degree to which you have to unveil light upon the investment of God in your life.



Title: The Anointing
– Apostle Arome Osayi
Size: 26MB
Duration: 1:14:57′



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