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January 24th, 2023

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Are you struggling to download TOPE ALABI Songs mp3 on your mobile phone or laptop?

This page contains more than 100 songs by TOPE ALABI.

The title and file size of each audio mp3 is specified below.

Table of Contents

TOPE ALABI Songs MP3 Download

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  1. Abo Mi Ko Dara (4MB)
  2. Adake Dajo (9mb)
  3. Adonai (6mb)
  4. Afoju (5mb)
  5. Agbara Nla (7mb)
  6. Agbelebu (15mb)
  7. Alagbara (6mb)
  8. All the Glory (5mb)
  9. Angeli Mi (4mb)
  10. Asiri Bibo (5mb)
  11. Awa Gbe O Ga (6mb)
  12. Awamaridi ft. Nathaniel Bassey (6mb)
  13. Aye Yii (5mb)
  14. Ayemi Ayemi (7mb)
  15. Ayeraye (8mb)
  16. Ayo (6mb)
  17. Big God (5mb)
  18. E Gbe Ga (6mb)
  19. E Ma Ro Pe (4mb)
  20. Eba Mi Ki (5mb)
  21. Ebiire Ko (6mb)
  22. Ejeka Yin Baba (5mb)
  23. Elenini Amutorunwa (7mb)
  24. Eru Ogo Re Ba Mi Oluwa (8mb)
  25. Eso Lore Iwa (5mb)
  26. Eyin Okunrin (4mb)
  27. Eyin Oluwa (4mb)
  28. Fimi Dara Ire (5mb)
  29. Gbe Jesu Ga (6mb)
  30. God the Almighty (6mb)
  31. Gratitude (5mb)
  32. Halleluyah (7mb)
  33. I Believe (8mb)
  34. Ibinu Sinmi Laya Were (6mb)
  35. Iro Halleluyah (5mb)
  36. Ikoko Oga Ogo (4mb)
  37. Iyin Ye O (4mb)
  38. Jesu Femi (4mb)
  39. Jesu Joba ft Psalmos (5mb)
  40. Jesu Olurapada (6mb)
  41. Kabi o O si (6mb)
  42. Kape Laye (5mb)
  43. Kilemadahoro (8mb)
  44. Kokoro Igbala (39mb)
  45. Kosoba Bire ft. Psalmos (5mb)
  46. Logan Ti o de ft. TY Bello (4mb)
  47. Loud Worship (33mb)
  48. Mase Mase (5mb)
  49. Mimo Loluwa (6mb)
  50. Mo Mope Mi Wa (8mb)
  51. Mo Sope (7mb)
  52. Mosheba (8mb)
  53. Mowowa Aye (6mb)
  54. Mumi Debe (5mb)
  55. I Am Very Happy (4mb)
  56. Nigbati Mo Ro O (5mb)
  57. Nothing is Impossible ft. Eben (4mb)
  58. No One Else (6mb)
  59. Oba Aseda (6mb)
  60. Oba Mi De (5mb)
  61. Oba Ni (7mb)
  62. Odara Ni Ife (8mb)
  63. Oku itoju Mi ft. Psalmos (6mb)
  64. Olorun Gbangba (5mb)
  65. Olorun Lole Funmi Layo (4mb)
  66. Olorun Ni Yi o Ma Je (4mb)
  67. Olowo Ina (5mb)
  68. Oluwa mi Yo Dide ft. Woli Agba (6mb)
  69. Oluwa n Be fun mi (6mb)
  70. Oluwa Mi Tobi (5mb)
  71. Omo Laso (7mb)
  72. Omo Ranti (8mb)
  73. Omo Tuntun (6mb)
  74. Ona Mi La (4mb)
  75. Orun Oun Aye (4mb)
  76. Opin Irin Ajo (6mb)
  77. Oro Kan Soso (6mb)
  78. Oruko Oluwa (5mb)
  79. Oruko Titun (7mb)
  80. So Irin Mi (8mb)
  81. Taba N So (6mb)
  82. Talo Momi Tele (5mb)
  83. The End of the World (4mb)
  84. Iyanu A Sele ft. Tim Godfrey & Pst. Adeboye (6mb)
  85. Tipa Tikuku (5mb)
  86. Tire Ni Oluwa (6mb)
  87. Toh Marvelous ft Mike Abdul (5mb)
  88. Loke Erupe (7mb)
  89. Ranti Omo Eniti Iwo N Se (8mb)
  90. Ade Jesu (6mb)
  91. Agbara Olorun (16mb)
  92. Alabarin (4mb)
  93. Aye Le (4mb)
  94. E Gbe E Ga (5mb)
  95. Emi Mimo (6mb)
  96. Eni ba leti (6mb)
  97. Eru Re To Ba (5mb)
  98. Live Session at FCMB end of year party (15mb)
  99. Halleluyah (8mb)
  100. Ire O (6mb)
  101. Jesu Lalagbara (5mb)
  102. Ji Irawo (4mb)
  103. Oluwa O Tobi (4mb)
  104. Talo Dabii Re (5mb)
  105. Agbara Nla ft Iseoluwa (6mb)
  106. Imole De ft. TY Bello (6mb)
  107. Iwo Lawa o Ma bo ft. TY Bello (8mb)
  108. War ft TY Bello (6mb)
  109. Alayo (5mb)
  110. We Have Come (4mb)
  111. Angeli (4mb)
  112. Aso Mi a Funfun (4mb)
  113. Ba Eleda Laja (5mb)
  114. Eyin Oluwa Hallelujah (6mb)
  115. Jesu Ore Otito (5mb)
  116. Kosi Bi Timole Re Kode (4mb)
  117. Lae La O Ma Bo Oluwa (4mb)
  118. Loro, Lero ati Nise (5mb)
  119. Oluwa Anu Re Duro (6mb)
  120. Orile Ede Mi (6mb)
  121. Logan ti o De ft. TY Bello (6mb)
  122. The Name of Jesus (4mb)
  123. Wa Beru Re Nibode (4mb)
  124. Yes & Amen (7mb)
  125. You Are Worthy (6mb)


  1. Live Ministration at Praise the Almighty 2016 (16mb)
  2. Live Ministration at Praise the Almighty 2017 II (12mb)
  3. Live Ministration at SHILOH 2020 (8mb)
  4. Live Ministration at C&S Church (24mb)
  5. Live Ministration at CORNFIELD Thanksgiving (26mb)
  6. Live Ministration at Dominion Concert (27mb)
  7. Live Ministration at Erujeje Testimony Praise (24mb)
  8. Live Ministration at Praise the Almighty 2017 (20mb)
  9. Live Session at Altar of Praise & Worship (25mb)




Tope Alabi is a Nigerian Songwriter, gospel singer, actress, and movie music composer. She is from Ogun State, Nigeria, she was born on the 27th of October, 1970. She is a graduate of Mass Communication from the Ibadan

Before she went into her music career, she worked with Jesters International comedy group and other stage theatre based groups. She is involved mainly in the Yoruba movie industry before she got born again and moved to the to gospel music. She has written many songs and released many albums.

If you are conversant with Yoruba movies, you will hear her voice in many major yoruba movies. She has also performed many yoruba songs on different stages. She has had collaborations with TY Bello in songs like Angeli, No one Else, Adonai, War, etc. Tope Alabi is married to Soji Alabi, and their union is blessed with two children (Ayomiku and Deborah).


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